It is a requirement in much of the Murray Darling Basin that irrigation development planning be based on a soil survey to ensure the best match of soils to crops and irrigation techniques.


Conducting an 800 hectare soil survey for a range of irrigated horticultural crops at Lake Culluleraine enabled maximum use of available land while ensuring an economically viable project.

A multidisciplinary team undertook the soil, native vegetation, cultural heritage and planning assessments and received approval for the project to proceed.


A land capability assessment of 70,000 hectares was conducted as part of feasibility studies to expand six irrigation districts in north-west Victoria. The assessments included remote sensing analysis, validation fieldwork and development of a matrix

to assess crop potential against land tenure, native vegetation cover and distance from infrastructure.

Assessing change in soil profiles as part of a three year project to study soil carbon sequestration in the Tresco—Lake

Tutchewop area, as part of an Action on the Ground Program, funded by the Australian Government.


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